Karuna America is a US based Tax Exempt non-profit organization dedicated to improving health and literacy in impoverished communities. Our mission is to enable holistic development of marginalized people through innovative, replicable models, with a passion for excellence – and doing it all for a minimal administrative cost

We partner with and support the work of leading health care workers in developing countries who are actively involved in developing  innovative health care practices to make health benefits available to the underprivileged and needy.  We shall strive to accomplish this goal by partnering with dedicated local healthcare workers, by collaborating with like minded global organizations in key projects and by leveraging local and government matching grants. From all the donated funds to our organization in  USA, we envision to make an impact on healthcare system in parts of the world where it is needed the most.

We would like to Identify and support those who provide low cost health care and education for the poor and needy in the world by making use of local matching grants of corporations to get the maximum impact from the donated funds. We further like to cooperate with like-minded national and international organizations to have a maximum impact on individual’s health and well being, there by minimizing the long term social cost.

The Karuna Trust (India) is the main benefactor of our efforts. The Karuna Trust, led by Dr. H. Sudarshan,

Karuna Trust has pioneered and implemented a successful Public-Private-Partnership model that helps leverage the government's significant investment in public health care infrastructure by complementing it with a socially committed, not-for-profit but professionally competent management team.

The Trust today manages 68 Primary Health Care Centers (PHCs) in 8 states - Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur ,Maharashtra ,Meghalaya and Rajasthan.Through the PHCs it manages, the Trust's 1000+ health care professional - doctors, nurses & staff - are reaching over 1 million people .



Karuna America is a registered US Federal Tax Exempt 501c3 Charitable Organization.
Tax ID #: 47-4565265. Donations are exempt from US Federal Taxes